Parenting Children with a Mental Illness


useful web links

A good article that talks about a general overview of parenting a child with mental illness



Useful resource for parents whose teenagers are depressed

Signs to look for that may indicate your child is struggling with depression

6 Facts about childhood depression

Resource for parents whose children are between 3-8 years and experiencing signs of depression

Helpful guide for what skills parents can help promote in their children with depression



Parenting tips for children with anxiety

Overview of anxiety disorders in children and what signs to look for

Great article on managing anxiety in your child as a parent

10 great strategies to support your child with anxiety

Wonderful parental guide to social anxiety and how they can assist their children in making friends

Helpful article on separation anxiety disorder and how parents can help their children

Parenting tip sheet for anxiety in children

Helpful advice for parents who have a child with a mental illness



Helpful overview for managing children with ADHD

12 tips for parenting a child with ADHD

16 strategies for tackling common challenges that arise as a parent of a child with ADHD

Article that talks about the role of mindfulness sin parenting a child with ADHD

Helpful tips for managing boundaries with children who have ADHD

Blog that discuss how Dad’s can play a role in managing their child’s ADHD

Useful descriptions of how to describe ADHD

Insightful article about parents with ADHD and how that can impact on family functioning



Great overview of Oppositional Defiant Disorder and strategies for parents

Helpful information for parents about ODD in children aged 5-12 years

10 Discipline tips for parents of children with ODD by School Psychologist Rachel Wise

A coping guide for parents whose child has ODD

3 helpful tips for parents whose teenagers are diagnosed with ODD

ODD management strategies for parents

Interesting blog from a mother and how she focused on a healthy diet to help manage ODD in her child

Great article from the perspective of parents who struggled with their sons ODD and how they overcame it



Great tip sheet from the Australian Psychological Society for explaining autism and managing behaviours

A blog by a mother of 7 who talks about the truths of parenting children with special need

10 bits of advice for parents that have a child with autism

4 great tips for parenting a child with autism

Great overview of the Autism Spectrum

Useful blog on parenting a child with autism

List of supports in Australia for parents whose children are diagnosed with Autism

Great resource for the ASD behavioural profile of Pathological Demand Avoidance


Sensory Processing Disorder

Useful overview of what Sensory Processing Disorder is and how it impacts on children

Informative website about Sensory Processing Disorder

5 Basic tips for parents whose children have a SPD

Helpful tips for disciplining children with a SPD

Great Resource for parents that lists information and sensory tools for children

Good overview of SPD and current treatments

This article talks about 5 difficult situations for kids with SPD and how parents can help them manage

7 strategies for parents in helping their children get to sleep

Article about how the brain is wired different for children with SPD


 Eating Disorders

Resource from Australian Psychological Society about eating disorders

Great resource that outlines eating disorders and how parents can identify signs

Very helpful resource for parents with children who have an eating disorder

A heartfelt blog from a mother whose daughter was diagnosed with anorexia

5 warning signs for parents that could alert to their child developing an eating disorder

Extensive resource for parents whose children have an eating disorder

Signs for parents to be mindful in relation to their children and eating disorders

Resource for parents whose child is diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa



Website talks about how to support your child with trauma following the traumatic event

A list of practical strategies that parents can implement to assist with their children who have experienced trauma

Useful guidelines for helping your children deal with trauma

Overview of PTSD in children

Handy pdf tip sheet for parents whose children have experienced trauma

10 informative tips for disciplining children who have experienced trauma

Useful outline on therapeutic parenting and how parents can respond to the needs of children with trauma

Informative website of the PACE model developed by Dan Hughes

Wonderful resource that has tip sheets, podcast and links in relation to helping your child through the trauma process


Anger and Aggression

Useful tips for parents in managing anger outbursts

This website offers 5 helpful strategies for teaching your child anger management skills

Great article about how parents can manage their children’s anger outbursts

Strategies for anger management with young children

Activities for parents to work on with their children in relation to anger management and emotional literacy

Great pdf resource for teaching emotion coaching and mindfulness

Helpful guide to managing angry teenagers

7 useful tips for managing angry adolescence

Helpful tips in managing teenage anger


Sleeping Disorders

Helpful overview of parenting children and teenagers with sleeping issues

6 common sleeping issue sin children

List of sleep problems in children and tips for parents on how to manage them

Tips on how to establish sound sleeping routines for children

Overview of normal sleep patterns for children ages 0-6

4 useful strategies for implementing a sleep routine

10 tips for assisting your child get to sleep

Useful overview from the sleep health foundation about children and sleep disorders

Signs for parents to look out for in relation to childhood sleep disorders

List of sleep disorders in children


Psychotic Disorders

List of early signs of psychosis

An article that describes symptoms of psychosis in children and adolescents

PowerPoint that discusses the prevalence, symptoms and treatments of children and psychosis

Signs of Psychosis in teenagers

Some useful tips for parents whose child is diagnosed with Schizophrenia

A heartfelt blog from a mother whose 24-year-old son has schizophrenia

A letter from a mother talking about the first year of her son’s psychosis

A father’s journey of his daughter’s schizophrenia

A mothers account of her daughters schizophrenia and how equine therapy helped



Great resource for parents whose children have OCD. Details how parents can implement a MAP (My Anxiety Plan)

Good overview of childhood OCD for ages 5-18 years with advice for parents

A comprehensive tool for parents to assist managing their children’s OCD

5 useful tips to help parents manage their children’s OCD

Great article that outlines the parents role in supporting the treatment of childhood OCD

Useful article that gives psychoeducation to parents about their children’s OCD

Another great resource pdf that outlines OCD for children and adolescents. This is made for parents

What OCD looks like in the school setting


Elimination Disorders

Outlines what elimination disorders occur in children, what are the symptoms and how to get treatment

Focus on Enuresis and what are the signs in children

Great resource that is a pdf and covers all you need to know when managing elimination disorders

Overview of encopresis

Useful overview of common elimination disorders

Useful overview of elimination disorders and how they are treated


Gender Dysphoria

Great Australian website designed to assist parents whose children are dealing with gender dysphoria

A discussion about the challenges parents face when supporting their child through Gender Dysphoria

Informative site that looks at Gender Dysphoria from a developmental perspective

Great overview that details parenting concerns, children’s needs and the process when it comes to Gender Dysphoria

Good article that details an interview with Sol who transitioned from Female to Male

An informative article about the legality of children transitioning and parent’s rights

A mother’s story about her son transitioning at a young age and the challenges she faced and managed as a parent

Great website that offers resources for parents of gender diverse children


Suicide & Self Harm

Good information sheet for parents whose children are self-harming or displaying suicidal behaviour

Good overview of suicidal ideation and self-harm in Australian teenagers and how parents can intervene

Brief overview of the signs and symptoms of suicidal ideation and self-harming behaviours in children and adolescents

Useful pdf tool for parents whose children are self-harming

A useful pdf guide for managing children’s self-harming behaviours. Guide is made for parents

Link to lifeline who specialise in managing crisis intervention and suicidal ideation

A guide for parents supporting their children following a suicide

This site helps parents understand how they can support their children who are thinking about suicide

Useful handout from headspace that outlines how to talk to your children about suicide

Article that discusses how to talk with kids about suicide