When starting the blog in early 2018 I was filled with enthusiasm and energy. It was a project that enabled me to communicate great ideas and keep me learning. It is now January 2019 and I haven’t written a blog since April 2018.When starting I did look at other similar blogs and the regularity of posts. Many blogs were similar in their growth with many posts at the beginning and then a trailing off after a few months. I thought at the time that mine would be different and that I could do better, the planning fallacy and the bias blind spot in play. So now it is 2019 and I am here to start things up again. To see if I can best April, to see if I can do better. Growth is always on everyone’s mind at the start of a new year and I hope this year to explore topics that I am interested in, have previously learned and new topics that I am only starting to become familiar with.