Goal Regression

It has been over a week since my last post, since I have been to yoga or since I have meaningfully contributed to my business. I have regressed on my goals. So I am writing today about this regression in the hope the dominos of motivation will begin to tumble. 

Goal regression in my opinion is an envitability which is mirrored in the transactional model of change through the relapse component. Size and duration of regression is varitable and dependant on many factors, some out of my control, some in my control. 

The best way to beat procrastination is often said to “just start”. You don’t have to finish what you start or even do it for long but just by starting something then you will eventually complete it. This is true,  however, to start something you have to have some motivation (internal or external) for movement without cause is without purpose. 

Through accepting my regression free of blame, excuses and reasons I am able to start to work back towards them.  Through naming the regression my meta awareness allows me to move back to maintaining my goals instead of maintaining the regression. Control what you can and accept what you cannot.