Counselling Apps

Technology is a part of our lives and a useful tool in helping us through everyday activities. Self-care, relaxation and mindfulness are no exception to this. A growing part of my practice is the inclusion of mindfulness and relaxation activities.  In the 2017 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Health of the nation report, Mental health was cited as a top-three issue by 65% of female GPs and 53% of male GPs.  These concerns were predominantly depression, mood disorders and anxiety. Self-care and relaxation exercises are pivotal to assisting people in lowering their overall stress responses and assist in the therapeutic process.

Easy to use applications that are freely available such as smiling mind ( , headspace (, What’s Up (  or Mindshift ( are great companions to therapy and assist anybody in maintaining a mindful or relaxation routine.

My current app of choice, however, is a paid app called Calm ( This app has many great features, easy to use and assists with relaxation, mindfulness, sleep, anxiety, depression and stress. Calm also offers master classes in areas of anxiety, depression and other ever-changing topics. For therapist or patient alike this is a useful app that I would recommend to anybody.


RACGP., (2017). General Practice: Health of the Nation,