The Push

The Push

Recently I watched a show on Netflix named "The Push". The show is about how people can easily become compliant through simple social manipulation. The premise of the show is about continually manipulating a person to the point that they are so compliant they will follow instructions to kill someone. 

This type of compliance starts off small with simple things such as getting some to be complicit in a lie together or being complicit in ridiculing one another. In the show, this is achieved by asking the participant to place vegetarian signs in meat sausage rolls or to have them dressed in smart casual whilst all those around them are dressed in formal wear.

The idea of these small acts of compliance compounding into larger horrendous acts is consistent with reports from civilians who lived in Nazi Germany or how other dictators such as Saddam Hussein gained and held onto power.

The show which is entertaining and at times hard to watch demonstrates the power of our social minds and how easily we can be manipulated. It also demonstrates how to break such compliance. To stop compliance it starts by being true to our own values and needs. Sometimes we feel its easier to just go with the flow, and whilst that can be true, the more we do it then the more susceptible we are to compliance.  

Its ok to say no and stand up for what we believe in. It may seem small and insignificant at times but its the escalation of possibilities that you are saying no to. It is the refusal to get trapped in a web of deception that leaves you with no escape but to be compliant that you are saying no to.