First Yoga Session

7:00 pm on a Friday might not seem like the best time to have my first Yoga session but I was excited nonetheless. After looking at some of the research and watching a documentary on Netflix I was more than curious as to the healing powers of this ancient art.....and, not just me. 

Arriving at the Yoga studio there was a line out the door of budding fresh young "Yogis" about to start there journey as well. Now when I say young I refer to their Yoga age as we are all beginners, in reality, ages ranged from 7 to early 60's.

As we were standing in line watching the previous much more experienced class leave and we filled out our registration I started to realise that I was the only male here. Now, this is not a new phenomenon to me working in a predominantly female field but it's something you notice. Thankfully 2 more Men joined the class as we were filling out the registration. I mention this as I made a mental note at the time as to whether it can be stressful being outnumbered by gender in a group. Social conformity would encourage you to follow group norms but this could be inconflict with gender identity (a topic for another time).     

The session started with controlled breathing. This is an art that I enjoy and something I use regularly in session. This time we were lying on our backs and I found this to be a much more relaxing experience. The focus then turned to Asanas (Yoga poses). This was the majority of the session and some were challenging but also exhilarating. We moved from warrior to tree and others in between and I felt that this was what my body was supposed to be doing. It's a nice feeling when you are using something the way it is intended, oddly satisfying would be the apt description. 

 It was my first session so we will see how the next 3 beginners sessions go. However, I did find it relaxing and challenging. I could feel different muscle groups working away but in a comfortable relaxed environment. It felt natural is the best way I could explain it and I would encourage everyone to try it at least once.