hello world

"hello world"........... is a basic computer programming exercise that beginners complete in their journey into learning computer languages. I thought this title suitable for my first post as just like the brave novice programmer, I too am taking my first steps into exploring a new medium to share psychology. I hope to use this site not only for shameless self-promotion but also for a far more exciting function, integrated therapeutic intervention. In my short career I have been inspired by the amount of useful tools and education freely available online. It is my hope to consolidate what I continue to discover through regular posts, downloadable resources and links. 

"hello world" is an amazingly powerful statement. Although simple in it's origins this phrase is indicative of discovering a new world, curiously greeting it and excitedly exploring it. The world of psychology has long been discovered, however, exploration is only in it's infancy. Let our curiosity be the guide and let our thoughts tread lightly as we dive into the human condition.