Useful Web Links

  1. Helpful pdf handout that gives practical easy to understand tips for parents when communicating to their children
  2. Brief dot points from the American Psychological Association for how parents can best communicate with their children
  3. Basic principles for healthy communication with your child. Also, as a list of stem statements to practice and use in daily communications
  4. Dr Ron Taffel details 7 key points for parents to keep in mind when communication with their children
  5. 10 great tips for parents to improve their children’s communication skills by modelling healthy behaviours
  6. Activities that parents can download and use to assist with the development of healthy communication. Suitable for 2-6-year old’s
  7. Fun game ideas for parents to use on their children to promote heathy communication
  8. Useful tip sheet from parentline that outlines healthy communication strategies
  9. 5 useful tips for parents to communicate with their adolescents
  10. Communication strategies for managing adolescent males
  11. Insightful blog from a mother about communicating with her teenage daughter and the useful strategies she used
  12. Brief tips on how to get teenagers to open up to their parents
  13. 5 strategies to improve communication with your teenager
  14. Effective communication strategies for dealing with teenagers
  15. An informative blog in about strategies of communicating with your adult children
  16. 4 useful tips for maintaining healthy communication with your adult child
  17. 7 tips for parents to keep in mind when communicating with their adult children
  18. Checklist for communication developmental markers for children up to 5 year old